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Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion

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From £35 per session (or can be taken out as a course, please inquire if you are a key worker or work for the NHS)

Duration of treatment : 15 mins

Good for skin with open pores, ageing skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, acne prone skin.
This can also be used in conjunction with other treatments such as Dermalux LED and High Frequency machine

Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion is a clinically proven and celebrated skin resurfacing treatment that offers good results for problem skin, pigmentation, lines and wrinkles and scarring.
In clinical trials, Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion was conclusively proven to dramatically and visibly improve the texture and appearance of the skin, reducing and smoothing lines and wrinkles and producing more beautiful rejuvenated skin.

A gentle yet extremely effective skin resurfacing treatment. Crystal clear microdermabrasion provides immediate and visible results for ageing skin, lines and wrinkles, open pores, blackheads, pigmentation and scarring. Patients with fine facial lines or wrinkles, age spots, sun damage, uneven pigmentation, clogged pores, skin texture problems, or minor scars are good candidates for microdermabrasion. Patients with rosacea or acne may also benefit from microdermabrasion treatments. The gentle use of microcrystals can eliminate or improve skin imperfections and conditions by removing the upper layer of dead and damaged skin cells to reveal new, fresh skin.

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