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Anti -wrinkle rejuvenation

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(Using Botulinum Toxin A)

From £200 two areas for women

£240 three areas for women

£220 two areas for men

£ 250 three areas for men

Duration of treatment: 20 mins

Areas commonly treated are: crow's feet, frontalis or the forehead, glabella or the frown lines (n between our eyebrows)

Other Advanced procedures are also offered i.e : bunny nose, gummy smile, lip flip, brow lift, platysmal or Nefertiti lift (turkey neck), please inquire for prices. We have also treated a lot of patients who suffered from cerebral palsy in the past which left some unevenness to face.

Free consultation and two week follow up is required.

It is a non-surgical treatment using the strongest neurotoxin which is a purified form of protein that can reduce facial lines and wrinkles. The areas we treat are crow's feet, forehead and the area in between your eyebrows.

This is done by injecting a licensed dose of toxin directly to the muscles using tiny needles with very minimal discomfort. When the toxin is injected, the nerve impulses to the muscles are blocked thus reducing the activity of the muscle allowing the lines and wrinkles to relax. The treatment can last up to 10-12 weeks.

This treatment can be done no less than 3 months apart. After the 3 months, the lines and wrinkles will return as before. It is not a permanent treatment, after 6-8 weeks, the muscles will start to move again after being "relaxed" using the toxin.

It is a prescription only medication so a face to face full consultation is carried out first. As a nurse prescriber, if no contraindication, the medication will be prescribed and will schedule the patient for treatment.

All the toxins are supplied by reputable chemists in the UK.

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